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Episode seven is 'Hero'
FRIDAY - JUNE 16, 2006

The seventh episode of Galactica's upcoming third season is titled "Hero," GateWorld has learned. (Beware of minor spoilers below!)

"The script that I'm writing right now, has to do with a revelation about something truly egregious and illegal that Adama was guilty of doing during the days leading up to the attack, and how he has kept the revelation of that incident from rearing its head," writer and executive producer David Eick recently told iF Magazine. "An event transpires that brings it all home with a vengeance, and the ramifications are significant. The fun is always in dealing with the humanity of these characters. They're heroes, but we are always discovering their feet of clay. For reasons both personal and practical they have to carry on as leaders and role models in their world. The script is called 'Hero,' because it's necessary to keep functioning."

The episode is set to go before cameras in Vancouver, B.C. soon, as the seventh episode in Season Three's production order -- though the final airing sequence may or may not reflect this.

Learn more about what's to come in GateWorld's Season Three episode guide! Battlestar Galactica premieres in October on SCI FI Channel in the U.S.


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