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Ace of Wraith

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GW: So you think he's at some point working towards getting back to power, or do you think those are no longer his priorities?

CH: Oh I think it's definitely a priority. Absolutely. I don't think he wants to put himself into a position. The amazing thing about him is that he's willing to take enormous chances. He's willing to risk it all to win it all. It makes him very dangerous. Very smart. He plays with Hewlett on a regular basis, and holds out and gives and takes and plays dumb and just gives everything he can just to get what he needs. And no more.

GW: He hasn't done us exactly many favors. It's all "Will this be ultimately good for me in the end?"

CH: Absolutely. Absolutely. And they're following the same path.

GW: Yeah. It's pretty typical of survival.

CH: The same game. They're only giving as much as they have to. So we're dealing with extremely good negotiators and it's an interesting play. He's got the ass-kicking ability of Ronon, he's got the smarts of McKay, he's got, now, the desire and belief of continuing on from Sheppard, he's got the good looks of Teyla ... why are you laughing?

GW: Because it's true.

CH: You think so? I don't know if everyone would agree with you on that there, but that's nice. He's a fun character. It's a character that the writers have embraced and have taken down some very enjoyable roads.

Sheppard returns the Wraith to his hive in "Be All My Sins Remember'd."
There's a lovely little thing that's going on between them, unexpected certainly for me, with Momoa. He has such a major hate-on for anything that smells like Wraith, and Jason plays it to the end. The first time that I met him, he was just so, "Can I point the gun at him? Can I shoot? Can I hit him? Can I punch? Can I bite him?"

It's this seething beast that's wanting to do anything possibly intrusive. Very funny. So it was great fun to play off, and it was the birth of this relationship that's growing between them. It's deliciously playful, because every little chance that that Wraith gets he just pokes him.

GW: Ronon's, his origins, anywhere the Wraith go, if there's a chance for him to hurt them, he's there.

CH: Absolutely. Well, revenge is sweet, isn't it? He's a bitter man.

GW: Is there any potential for Ace to return in more of Season Five, you think?

CH: This is science fiction. There's always a possibility. To be honest I have no idea, and we'll see. It's always the same thing every year, especially with a character that's a recurring character. There's no contractual obligation.

I don't get a call from my agent saying "OK, they're calling and they're wanting to renew your contract." It doesn't work like the regular stars of the show. So there's no way to know. I'll just get a call maybe a week before shooting. "There's a script in and you've got a couple lines to learn, so come on in and get ready to dip your head in the glue factory."

So you never know, but I certainly hope so, and it's a wonderful character. I'd love the character to keep growing and growing and cause more trouble, and pose more questions, and screw up the hornet's nest and see what happens. He's kind of like the guy that comes over to your house if you have kids and winds them up and just runs out the door at nine o'clock and leaves you with a screaming, laughing --

GW: -- mess!

CH: Exactly.

GW: There is a rumor going around that you are in "The Last Man." Can you confirm or deny that?

CH: Can I confirm or deny it? Maybe. Sure, I was in "The Last Man." There's no need to say that I was or wasn't, I don't think. So, sure I was in "The Last Man." What I was playing in "The Last Man," who knows?

GW: OK. What did you think of that script as a season finale? You've been in other season finales for Atlantis.

CH: Right. It's a fun script because it's the unknown. It leaves so many wonderful question marks. I was very happy that I was going to be a part of that because it's a sweet little bit that myself and one other character get to do. I'm looking forward to seeing it, actually.

GW: Alright. On YouTube.

CH: Well on YouTube, exactly, but I've seen a little bit when I went in to do the ADR, and it looks great!

GW: Yeah, there was a lot of ADR for this one with the sand everywhere.

CH: Yeah. There's tons of ADR. And there's always ADR for this character anyway ... There's so many things going on. Fans and other machines and engine noises. There's always a little something to do.

GW: Visually I think this show is going to be very different. They should pull out all the stops for it.

CH: Absolutely.

GW: So you're saying that a lot of what began of "Revisions" culminated into certain parts of what ultimately became Sanctuary?

CH: On a personal note, yeah, that connection. That was the first -- personal and professional -- that's what started the relationships that of course led to [Sanctuary].

" [Stargate] doesn't take itself seriously. It's perpetually poking fun at itself."
There's so many things about this business. People that you meet and people that you get along with you respect. People that you want to work with, that you want to play with, because you spend an awful lot of time with these people, and you want to be with people that you respect and that you get along with. The fact that it happened to work out, that's where it started. Through a long series of events we end up with Sanctuary, and a rather odd call from Martin saying "Oh, we're doing a reading. Can you be here in an hour?"

He was complaining about [Stargate Atlantis stunt/fight coordinator] James Bamford's bad reading ability, what an awful actor he was and "Please, at least you're slightly better than James Bamford. Would you come over and give us a hand?"

So I came rushing in about a half hour late to this reading and read a bunch of different characters and got my hands on Druitt. I was immediately jealous of whoever this horrible and hateful actor was who was going to get to play this role. It was such a fantastic, juicy bit of character. And to my great surprise and elation at the end of the reading I was offered the role.

It was pretty sweet and unexpected. I guess they liked the sweat of my brow and the huffing and puffing of the late arrival. It all worked to my favor, I guess.
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