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Young prince of the Shavadai, the son of Moughal and the first to encounter SG-1 after their arrival on the Shavadai homeworld. Abu had been chased by a pack of dogs to the team's location until Jack O'Neill had fired his pistol to the sky, chasing them away. When Abu realized a woman was a member of this elite group from, he believed, the Sea of Ogada, he shunned her, until he realized that she helped save his life.

Abu was in love with Nya, the daughter of Turghan, leader of a nearby tribe the Shavadai would occasionally trade with. Seeing Samantha Carter as his chance to gain Nya, Abu captured Sam and made for the enemy camps, hoping to trade one woman for another. Turghan eventually decided to trade money for Carter, making Abu return for Nya at a later time. He was eventually aided by SG-1 who earned Carter back with the exchange of a hand gun.

Abu and Nya were allowed to remain together, and following Carter's defeat of Turghan, the lovers also had the opportunity to live in a society eager to destroy inequality.


PLAYED BY - Jorge Vargas
FIRST APPEARED - Emancipation


Emancipation - Abu encounters SG-1 on one of their first missions off-world and takes them to meet his father, leader of the Shavadai.