Aden Corso

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Hebridian prisoner on board the Seberus under the command of Warrick Finn, a Serrakin. Crashing on an unidentified planet, Corso and his fellow prisoners escaped captivity after Warrick had taken them out of stasis to prevent their deaths. Corso and his people successfully killed six of the eight Serrakin. At the time Warrick and his first officer were out looking for food and managed to evade their own demise.

For three years Corso and his band of prisoners maintained a foothold on the Seberus, until SG-1's arrival allowed them the chance to repair the ship and escape. Corso spun an elaborate tale of how they had crashed and been attacked by aliens. After SG-1 explained the presence of the Stargate he used that to only amplify his claim that the Serrakin were from elsewhere, and that he had been able to gain a number of their weapons.

Corso was smitten with Major Carter and spent much time with her while repairing the vessel. She explained that the team had been fooled a number of times in the past because of people that they wrongly trusted, telling Corso that real trust had to be earned.

After bringing the Seberus's systems online, Major Carter studied video readouts and discovered the ship was a prison transport vessel. Corso immediately concocted a new bluff, that he and his people were the guards and transport officers for the Serrakin, who were the prisoners. In fact, it was the other way around, and as S.G. units and the Serrakin moved in on the Seberus, they were able to regain the ship and return Corso and his fellow prisoners to their rightful place.


PLAYED BY - Martin Cummins


Forsaken - Aden Corso sees SG-1's presence as a means of finally escaping the planet with the Seberus to freedom.