Aiden Ford

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Lieutenant in the United States military, second-in-command to John Sheppard on the Atlantis expedition's lead reconnaissance unit in the Pegasus Galaxy. Ford was 25 years old and enthusiastic during the expedition's first year, and experienced in traveling through the Stargate to other planets. Little is known of his past, though his experience with gate travel implies that he was at some point assigned to Stargate Command on Earth. He left behind family when he joined the mission to Atlantis.

Before joining the Atlantis expedition, Ford was stationed at the Ancient outpost of Atlantus in Antarctica during Elizabeth Weir's program to uncover more information on the Ancients.

He traveled to the Pegasus Galaxy where he was a member of Sheppard's exploratory team stationed at Earth's Atlantis base, along with Dr. Rodney McKay and Teyla Emmagan, for about a year.

During the Second Siege of Atlantis Ford was overtaken by a Wraith warrior who attempted to sap his life force from his body. A stray grenade forced the two over an Atlantis balcony and into Lantea's icy ocean. The explosion forced the Wraith's life-sustaining enzyme into his body at full-blast, keeping him alive while face down in the water for more than an hour.

When he came to, Ford found the enzyme had "blessed" him with super-human strength. While this gave him an improved physical prowess, his mental abilities made him feel superior to his colleagues, who he believed were trying to tame or reverse his new urges. In fear, he fled the city in a Puddle Jumper. Once off world he abandoned the now inoperable craft and made for the Stargate.

Ford tracked a Wraith commander to P3M-736, where he encountered Dr. McKay and several other Atlantis expedition members who were looking for him. His team wanted nothing more than to return him to Atlantis, but Ford felt he had to vindicate himself before getting trapped in the city again. Now on the run from Sheppard a second time, Ford allowed himself to get swept into a passing Wraith Dart's culling beam.

Upon his reanimation the Wraith quickly discovered they were unable to contain Ford, and he fled once more. This time he shared his power with several young men throughout the galaxy. A small band eventually formed and grew, establishing an outpost and collecting live Wraith for a continued supply of the enzyme. Ford and his new coalition use their super-powers for their own purposes, striking against Wraith, Genii, and other forces that stand in their way.

Several key members of Ford's coalition were killed while infiltrating a Wraith hive ship with Sheppard's unit. Ford himself helped Sheppard's team to escape captivity on board the hive, and is suspected to have perished when the vessel was destroyed.


PLAYED BY - Rainbow Sun Francks
FIRST APPEARED - Rising, Part 1


Rising, Part 1 - Ford takes Weir's offer to join her on an expedition to the other side of the galaxy.
Hide and Seek - Ford survives direct contact with a powerful alien entity that has gotten loose in Atlantis.
Thirty Eight Minutes - With Sheppard out of commission, Ford takes charge and helps to get the team safely home when their ship becomes lodged in the Stargate.
The Defiant One - Weir dispatches Ford, Teyla and several expedition members in a Puddle Jumper to provide backup for Major Sheppard's unit, stationed on the other end of the Lantean System.
Hot Zone - A deadly nano-virus enters Ford's body, forcing him to see ghostly images that are the precursors to the victim's death.
The Siege, Part 3 - Following a close encounter with a Wraith, their enzyme instills fear and doubt into Ford, and he flees the base in a Jumper.
Runner - Ford encounters expedition members on an alien planet while evading Ronon Dex, and allows himself to be sucked into a culling beam to escape from Major Sheppard.
The Lost Boys - Ford introduces his coalition -- and the Wraith enzyme -- to Sheppard's captured unit while proceeding with his plans to infiltrate a Wraith hive ship.
The Hive - Deprived of enzyme, Ford goes on a rampage and helps free his former colleagues from a hive ship, which later explodes.
Search and Rescue - Buried under a ton of rubble, John Sheppard has a dream in which Ford makes a brief appearance -- talking about how John failed to save him.