Air Strike

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Radio call sign assigned to the F-302 during an operation to destroy Anubis's super-weapon in orbit of Vis Uban. The mission was piloted by Colonel Jack O'Neill, with Major Samantha Carter in the craft's second seat.

The ship used an instantaneous hyperspace jump to bypass the shields of Anubis's mothership, in order to target the ventilation shaft in the weapon's coolant system. Targeting was made possible by covert operatives inside the ship -- Daniel Jackson and Jonas Quinn, who were injected with a Tok'ra radioactive isotope in order to hide their life signs from the ship's internal sensors.

O'Neill was hoping to go with the call sign "Red Leader," but was apparently overruled.

The mission of "Air Strike" was a success, and Anubis's super-weapon was destroyed.


Fallen - The F-302 is given the designation "Air Strike" before it goes up against Anubis's mothership in orbit of Vis Uban.