Alec Colson

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C.E.O. of Colson Industries in Seattle. At one time he was number eight on the Fortune 500 with a net worth of over 60 billion dollars. He owned companies involving communication, biotech research, as well as aerospace and aviation. He also owned over 200 proprietary patents. Samantha Carter called him a brilliant engineer.

Colson's father was a newspaper reporter who had been jailed during the McCarthy era, likely for disclosing information the government would have preferred the public had not known about. Alec took on the same ideology. Despite several speeches regarding national security from the Pentagon, and a personal phone call from the President himself, Alec has continued to believe that the total truth is in the best interests of the public.

Colson has also had a flair for the superstitious and unproven. He followed Dr. Daniel Jackson's career, right up until he disappeared, when the archaeologist was making claims that Egypt’s pyramids were nothing more than landing platforms for alien starships.

With his company in a position to acquire key information, Colson planned to use images from his Earth observer and weather satellites, parts of destroyed alien spacecraft and a cloned Asgard to impress the presence of extra-terrestrial life to the planet. He offered Earth's governments one day to reveal the truth. Twenty-four hours later Colson went ahead with a press conference and showed the public a real Asgard clone.

In order to try and win his cooperation (and silence), government officials agreed to bring him in on the secret. Colson was transported to Stargate Command, where Colonel Carter personally showed him Earth's Alpha Site on P4X-650 in the hopes that he would realize the potential for such a negative impact on society if the Stargate became public knowledge. Still, Colson refused to back down.

Upon his return to Earth he realized his partner, Brian Vogler, was pressed by the Trust to doctor the company's books and make it impossible for Colson's claims to be credible. When Vogler hanged himself out of fear for his life and those of his family, Colson nearly committed suicide himself. But a warm hand from Carter and an assurance that he could survive off Earth eventually changed his mind.


PLAYED BY - Charles Shaughnessy


Covenant - Alec Colson makes an ultimatum to the nations of the world: reveal the truth about life beyond Earth or he will do it for them.