Alexander Britski

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Noted archaeologist, known for his expertise on ancient Mesopotamia. Britski was the archaeologist assigned to a Russian unit sent to recover the Eye of Tiamat on P2X-338.

According to Russian files, he was born on July 13, 1949. He kept a journal on the mission to 338. After the death of Major Kirenski from a native creature's venom, and the death of the remaining two team members in a tunnel collapse, he decided to end his life. His final entry read, "I'm all alone now. There is no escape. Only one course of action remains."

Britski consumed a cyanide pill for a painless death. His body's flesh was later devoured by the native creature.


The Tomb - SG-1, along with a Russian unit, travel to P2X-888 in the hopes of recovering Britski's team.