Amy Vanderberg

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High school classmate of Cameron Mitchell. As a young man Mitchell had a crush on her, and one of his regrets was never gathering the courage to ask her out. (When the metaverse theory was introduced to him Mitchell hypothesized that there was a universe somewhere where he and Amy managed to connect.)

During their twentieth anniversary high school reunion at George Washington Amy had a chance to reconnect with Cameron -- after he had finished stumbling over every chair within reach. She explained that she had broken up with her "corporate" husband, Ted, within the past two years, and assumed he was on Maui with his girlfriend. In other words she was available again.

Both now grown up, Amy and Cameron admitted their secrets to each other. Amy explained how she saw every football game in which he ever played. She could name every class they ever shared. She even broke up with Bobby Haversham in the hope that he would ask her to the senior prom. Twenty years later she still had not quite forgiven him for not.

Mitchell also revealed he had her class schedule memorized so he could be in the right place at the right time -- a thought that spooked even him once he had revealed it to her aloud.

Soon after bounty hunter Odai Ventrell, on assignment from the Lucian Alliance, crashed Mitchell's class reunion in order to lure the rest of SG-1 and collect them all. Following the ensuing mishap (in which Mitchell was not taken captive), Vanderberg and the rest of those present were forced to sign an agreement of non-disclosure with the military.

Cameron later invited her to visit Colorado Springs, a short distance from her home in Topeka, Kansas.


PLAYED BY - Anne Marie DeLuise


Ripple Effect - Mitchell wonders if he and Amy Vanderberg managed to get to second base in another quantum reality.
Bounty - Amy shares her true feelings with Cameron -- just before he is taken hostage by a bounty hunter.