Ancient healing device

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Device of Ancient origin, with the power to rejuvenate tissue, restore dead life, and even animate non-living tissue.

The device was used by the Goa'uld Telchak to develop the sarcophagus technology thousands of years ago. It is incredibly powerful, even capable of killing humans or driving them mad in close proximity. The device is cube-shaped, covered with inscriptions.

Anubis sought the Ancient healing device after Telchak created the sarcophagus. Anubis defeated Telchak but never obtained the device, which was hidden away beneath a waterfall in Honduras for many untold years, where its affects became the source of the Fountain of Youth mythology. Later, after he ascended, Anubis gained access to the Ancients' technology and was able to construct his own version, which he used to animate an army of Kull warriors.

The Tok'ra have also long sought the healing device, in the hopes of using it to perfect the sarcophagus technology, which they do not use because of its negative long-term effects. After Daniel Jackson and Bill Lee found the device in Central America, Earth and the Tok'ra used it to develop a weapon that can counter-act the device's life-giving energy, and thus defeat a Kull warrior.


Evolution, Part 1 - Jackson and Lee recover the Ancient healing device, but the weapon is stolen from them by Honduran terrorists, who are accidentally exposed to its dangerous energy.
Death Knell - Led by Samantha Carter and Jacob/Selmak, Earth and the Tok'ra use the healing device to create a weapon capable of defeating the Kull warriors.
200 - In a fantasy scene from a movie script based on Stargate Command, Mitchell must send the healing device through the Stargate after its energy creates a horde of zombies inside the base.