Ancient warship

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Class of Ancient vessel in service during the First Siege of Atlantis. The craft are equipped with powerful shields and hyperspace engines, and armed with a complement of Ancient drones. A single Zero Point Module powers the ship.

The ship is also equipped with stasis pods to ease the strain of long voyages.

Four ships of this class created by the Lanteans have been discovered: the Aurora, Hippaforalkus (renamed Orion), the Tria (a ship still run by Lanteans who were traveling to Earth at near-lightspeed), and a warship discovered and operated by the Travelers. The Replicators in the Pegasus Galaxy also made a host of ships of this class in imitation of their creators, most of which were lost in their war against the Wraith and the Atlantis expedition.


USED BY - Lanteans


Aurora - Atlantis detects the signature of an Ancient warship on its way back to Atlantis.
Inferno - An Ancient warship is found in a Taranian flight bay -- the Hippaforalkus -- which helps the Terranians escape the destruction of their planet by a super-volcano.
Allies - With three weeks to prepare, the warship Orion is almost ready to enter battle against the Wraith.
No Man's Land - The Orion joins the battle in the void between galaxies to stop a Wraith hive from reaching Earth, and is destroyed.
The Return, Part 1 - The Daedalus encounters the Ancient ship Tria en route to Earth at near light speed, and helps them get home.
Travelers - Sheppard is captured by a space-faring group of humans who have salvaged an Ancient warship, manipulating him to activate it for their use.
Spoils of War - "Todd" tells Dr. McKay that the Wraith turned the tide of the war against the Ancients 10,000 years ago after capturing three Lantean warships, using their Z.P.M.s to super-charge their cloning facility.