Andrea Palmer

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Scientist assigned to Dr. Nicholas Rush at Icarus Base. Palmer was likely selected by Dr. Rush to help with the Icarus Project. When Icarus planet came under assault by unknown foes, Palmer and the rest of the Icarus team used the Stargate to escape to the Ancient deep-space vessel Destiny. Her scientific focus is geology.

Rush selected her for a mission to a planet to identify lime deposits when the Destiny's life support systems became critical. Away from her superior, Palmer was outspoken about Rush's lack of concern for the Destiny crew and his interpretation of other Stargate addresses the ship had offered (planets which Rush believed would not help the life support problem). She and Curtis stepped through the gate to one of these other worlds, hoping to discover the resources they needed there. But the Stargate disconnected before the only dialing remote could go with them.

After a wormhole was reestablished, repeated attempts to radio Palmer and Curtis failed for reasons unknown. When the Destiny leaped back into F.T.L. it did so without them.


PLAYED BY: Christina Schild


Air, Part 1 - Palmer and the rest of the Icarus personnel travel to the Destiny to escape a bombardment of the base.
Air, Part 2 - Rush selects Palmer to join him on a mission to identify lime deposits on an alien planet.
Air, Part 3 - Palmer teams up with other away team members to try another Stargate address for the supplies they need and becomes stranded.