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Scientist, archaeologist, and a member of the Tok'ra -- the Goa'uld resistance movement. She is driven and self-motivated and her name means "noble strength." Her host's name is Freya. Like most Tok'ra hosts, she is softer and more compassionate than her symbiote, and open with her feelings.

Though she is loyal to the Tok'ra and their cause, Anise is committed first to her work, which seems to take priority over the people she works with. She has spent much of her life in search of the Atoniek armband technology, which she recently discovered amidst ruins on a remote planet. The armbands give the wearer increased speed and strength.


PLAYED BY - Vanessa Angel


Upgrades - Anise discovers the Atoneik armbands, and uses O'Neill, Jackson and Carter as test subjects -- endangering their lives.
Crossroads - After a Jaffa delivers a Goa'uld spy to the Tok'ra's ranks, Anise refuses to allow SG-1 to interrogate him.
Divide and Conquer - Anise uses a controversial technique to ferret out Goa'uld-programmed assassins, and accuses Carter and O'Neill. Freya offers herself to Jack, though she confesses that her symbiote Anise is attracted to Daniel.