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A sacrificial stone in the shape of the Ori symbol where oil and fire are channeled gradually, ending in the death of the heretics that are placed there. The shape of the fire channel is constructed in such a way as to encourage repentance by the individual or individuals about to be destroyed, weaving back and forth in a slow approach to the entrapped.

Sacrifice on the Ara is viewed by most or all of the individuals that reside in a town. Priors have been known to oversee the ceremonies, igniting the fire barrels in the name of the Ori, but they typically remain silent, allowing the town's administrator to carry out the last rites.

When it is not being used for sacrifices the Ara remains a centerpiece and gathering place for Prostration, somewhat like an altar.


Avalon, Part 2 - The Ver Egen woman Sallis, taken over by Vala Mal Doran, is believed to be possessed and is burned on the Ara.
Origin - Daniel and Vala are placed on the Ara to be killed, but are returned to their galaxy just before Harrid and Sallis die in their places.
Crusade - Residents of Ver Isca gather around the village's Ara for Prostration.