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Village elder of M7G-677, member of Keras's people and village. Ares was the first who spoke against the presence of the Full Growns, and was entirely opposed to their remaining on the planet for fear that they would cause the Wraith to return.

Ares pushed Keras to force Sheppard's unit off the planet, permitting them to stay only long enough to complete repairs to their Puddle Jumper. He consulted his friend Pelius from another village when he feared Keras's thoughts and beliefs were being manipulated. Eventually his fears were partially verified.

When the Full Growns did not depart, Ares and a small band of his men surrounded them to forcibly extract them from the planet. It was at this time that a Wraith probe appeared and began to make aerial scans of their Jumper. Ares's plans to eliminate the Full Growns were halted only when Neleus verified their claims -- a piece of technology was responsible for neutralizing Wraith devices. The village suicides were not keeping the Wraith at bay themselves.


PLAYED BY - Dominic Zamprogna
FIRST APPEARED - Childhood's End


Childhood's End - Ares consistently opposes the presence of the full-grown humans until he discovers that a small device is partially responsible for keeping the Wraith away, not necessarily the ritual suicides.