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A former associate of Vala Mal Doran. Vala engaged in an intimate relationship with him, only to ultimately steal a number of his possessions for trade, including his mother's valued necklace and a pair of kor Mak bracelets.

Arlos considers himself to be one of the top five technology expert individuals on his world. He knows how the kor mak worked and how to deactivate them, but when Colonel Cameron Mitchell and Daniel Jackson arrived with a new problem -- that there was still a bond after the kor mak were removed -- Arlos insisted on seeing Vala (who he knew had taken the bracelets from him) before helping them.

When Vala came to the planet Arlos demanded his mother's necklace back (to get her off his back) before he helped them. Vala and SG-1 traveled to another planet to obtain the necklace from Inago. Once Vala returned the item to him, he revealed that the bond between she and Daniel would eventually wear off on its own.

Arlos genuinely cared for Vala, saying they had spent time naked together under the moon of Adora, bathing in the Springs of Aragatan. But now ... he is over her.


PLAYED BY - Wallace Shawn
FIRST APPEARED - The Ties That Bind


The Ties That Bind - Arlos, a former associate of Vala's, convinces SG-1 and Vala to retrieve his mother's necklace.