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Ori prophet featured in a parable in the Book of Origin. Articus lived on Ver Omesh during a great famine, and was visited by Markon in the hopes that he would have the prophet's blessing to enter a forest and get food. Articus denied his request, instead asking that Markon have faith. The prophet drew a line in the sand as a barrier between choices, which Markon crossed.

After the berries in the forest proved to be unsatisfactory, Markon returned to find that the line had widened into a chasm. Articus called to him, saying it was Markon's perceptions, not the line, which had changed. Markon prayed for forgiveness and took the first step across, and the hands of the Ori enveloped all those who welcomed him back.


Line in the Sand - In the hopeless attempt to encourage Vala to see the Ori as worthy of her allegiance, Tomin reads a passage in the Book of Origin involving Articus. Later, Tomin and his Prior dispute the meaning of the same passage.