Asgard High Council

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The highest ruling body of the Asgard. Freyr is a leading member of the council. The group oversees the Protected Planets Treaty with the Goa'uld, and discusses actions taken against the Replicators.

The size and structure of the Asgard High Council is not known, but the group includes at least five senior members. They gather in a large meeting hall, equipped with a holographic projector, by which SG-1 can communicate directly with the council via the Hall of wisdom on the planet K'Tau.


Red Sky - Colonel O'Neill consults the council as to what course of action they believe SG-1 should pursue after the team learns they may be responsible for killing K'Tau's sun.
Fail Safe - O'Neill comes before the council again to plea for their assistance, this time in proving that the Goa'uld violated the Protected Planets Treaty.