Aurora captain

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Commander of the Ancient warship Aurora. He and his crew departed Atlantis for the outer rim of the Pegasus Galaxy following the city's submersion during the first siege. His orders were to conduct reconnaissance on their enemy.

Ultimately he discovered a weakness, but the captain was not given the information personally for fear of capture and coercion. His ship fought at least one battle that delivered the ship a powerful blow until he and the rest of the crew entered stasis pods to save their bodies.

Ten thousand years following the siege a Wraith gained access to the ship and, after killing first officer Trebal, took her place inside her stasis pod. This Wraith's ultimate goal was to coerce the aged crew of the Aurora to use their knowledge to gain an upper hand in Wraith hyperdrive technology. The captain was no longer aware that they were in an artificial environment, and did not realize that he was being coerced by the enemy.

When Colonel John Sheppard entered the environment and eventually managed to explain the situation, the Aurora captain admitted his blindness and gave the colonel the self destruct codes for the ship. Their bodies too aged to function on their own, the Aurora and all of its sleeping inhabitants were destroyed, taking two Wraith cruisers with them.


PLAYED BY - Bruce Dawson


Aurora - Believing he is working with his first officer, the Aurora captain is coerced by a Wraith who is interested in learning the secrets of the advanced Ancient intergalactic hyperdrive.