Baal's outpost

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World controlled by the Goa'uld System Lord Baal, containing a powerful, impenetrable fortress. The world had been visited by the Tok'ra Kanan during a survey mission to map the compound for recon purposes, assessing both geography and tactical strength.

Later, Kanan returned in the body of Jack O'Neill (confronted by everything that made the Colonel who he was), and after feeling he had betrayed Baal's Lo'taur Shayla by leaving her behind, became captured by Baal's Jaffa himself.

With the Tok'ra handing over the coordinates to this planet, Stargate Command contacted the Goa'uld Yu and informed him as to the whereabouts of this secret base to gain an upper hand over his enemy. Yu reigned fire down upon the outpost. Its current status is undetermined, though likely decimated.


HOME TO - Unknown


Abyss - O'Neill travels to Baal's outpost under the influence of the Tok'ra Kanan and becomes captured, forced to die time and time again at the hands of the dark lord.