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One of the Goa'uld System Lords, Bastet did not come to power until the Goa'uld's second ruling dynasty collapsed. Uniting forces with the System Lord Kali, the two made a treaty with the Goa'uld Sobek. Then, at the celebratory feast, they moved against him. Rumor has it that Sobek's head still decorates Bastet's palace in Bubastis.

Bastet was present at the System Lord summit. Though she admitted to suffering heavy losses against Anubis, she voted to allow the powerful Goa'uld back to his former position as a System Lord.

According to Tok'ra intelligence Bastet was killed during the System Lords' war against Baal, who had absorbed much of Anubis's forces and advanced technology after his downfall.


PLAYED BY - Natasha Khadr


Summit - Bastet attends the System Lords' summit, and admits that she has suffered heavy losses at the hands of Anubis.
Last Stand - Bastet attends the System Lords' summit, voting to allow Anubis back into their ranks.
It's Good To Be King - Carter reports that Olokun has been killed, according to intelligence from the Tok'ra.