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A major people group who share a planet with the Optricans. The Bedrosians live by the Book of Nefertum, supposedly left behind when the Goa'uld departed from the planet. They believe wholeheartedly that their form originated on Bedrosian soil by Nefertum, and that theories of distant origin are false. However, there are a few among the Bedrosians who are flexible to hearing more, such as skeptical scientists. The Bedrosian military remains strong in its beliefs.

The Optricans make up a rival continent, and hold beliefs that are almost entirely opposite to that of their enemies. Optricans believe the human form was brought to their current planet from a far-away place via a portal. It is because of this, and possibly other matters, that the Bedrosians wage war with the Optricans.

The Bedrosians are technologically advanced, possessing flying craft and powerful energy weaponry. Their internal conflict has also made them suspicious of outsiders.

The Stargate was unearthed on Bedrosian soil, likely buried after an event long ago the Upheaval. Two young scientists, Nyan and Mallin, were cutting away at the rock when the wormhole opened. Shortly afterward a M.A.L.P. was sent through and S.G.C. began communications with the people. Later SG-1 was allowed to arrive, where they were soon seized by the Bedrosian military, who refused to hear the words of the travelers and believed the beings arrival was an elaborate trick.

Despite the mounds of evidence, even with SG-1 and Nyan departing back through the device, it is likely the Bedrosian military covered up the evidence to pursue their vendetta against their Optrican rivals and continue to worship their false god.




New Ground - SG-1 encounters the Bedrosians, a sect of people from P2X-416 who do not support the Optrican theory that their form originated on a far-away planet.