Bert Simmons

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Resident of Hendricks County, Indiana and employee of Stylin' Joe alongside Gordie Lowe. His wife, Cindy, was known to stop by the shop to get a trim of her own. Over the course of six years Bert heard the stories from Joe Spencer of SG-1 and their travels throughout the Milky Way Galaxy, defending Earth from the evil Goa'uld. He would often listen casually while sifting through the pages of The Hendricks County Guardian.

Bert eventually found himself out of a job when business at the barber shop idled to a halt. Joe's stories about SG-1 was gradually destroying the business, as not everyone who came into the shop was prepared to be entertained by SG-1's adventures.


PLAYED BY - Louis Chirillo


Citizen Joe - Bert Simmons and his fellow employee, Gordie Lowe, listen to Joe Spencer's stories of SG-1, until the storytelling drives them out of a job.