Blood of Sokar

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Hallucinogenic substance possessed by Bynarr on the prison moon of Ne'tu. Apophis, after murdering the underlord, used the substance in an attempt to extract vital information from several Ne'tu infiltrators including Jack O'Neill, Samantha Carter, Daniel Jackson and the Tok'ra Martouf. This process is achieved by pouring the wretch down the prisoners' throat, often gagging them. Almost immediately they have forgotten their place in space and time and are almost completely under the control of the administrator.

In O'Neill's hallucination, Apophis used a false memory of Charlie in hopes of gaining the address to the Asgard home world. For Samantha, Apophis used images of her and her father after the accidental death of her mother. For Daniel, Apophis used a hallucination of O'Neill in an attempt to extract the location of the Harcesis child. As for Martouf, Apophis used an image of Rosha/Jolinar in hopes of uncovering the location of the Tok'ra resistance.

None of Apophis's attempts were successful.


The Devil You Know - Apophis captures the Blood of Sokar and attempts to gain information in his hopes that he will offer Sokar valuable information in exchange for getting close enough to kill him.