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Teal'c's former Jaffa master, teacher and friend, and former First Prime of Apophis and of Klorel. When Teal'c was a younger man serving in the Jaffa army of the Goa'uld System Lord Apophis, Bra'tac was his commander and a father figure to him. He was then First Prime of Apophis, a position Teal'c would later assume in his place.

Bra'tac was 133 years old in Season One of Stargate SG-1 (Bloodlines), 135 in Season Three (Into the Fire), and 137 in Season Five (Threshold). In fact, he seemed to be always bragging about his age.

Bra'tac lived on Chulak, the homeworld of Apophis's Jaffa recruits. Like his student Teal'c, he believed that the Goa'uld were false gods, and actively assisted SG-1 on matters related to Apophis and Teal'c's family. He was also a leader of the Jaffa resistance, a movement bent on freeing all Jaffa from Goa'uld enslavement.

Since barely surviving a Goa'uld attack on the Resistance and losing his larval Goa'uld symbiote, Bra'tac relied on regular doses of the symbiote-derived drug tretonin to live.


PLAYED BY - Tony Amendola


Bloodlines - Teal'c introduces his teammates to Bra'tac, a mighty warrior who helps them attempt to save Teal'c's son from being implanted with a Goa'uld.
The Serpent's Lair - Bra'tac confronts Apophis as a false god, and helps SG-1 destroy his ships that are poised to attack Earth.
Family - Bra'tac helps SG-1 rescue Teal'c's son, Rya'c, who has been kidnapped and brainwashed by Apophis.
Into the Fire - Teal'c learns that Bra'tac has become an outcast among the Jaffa. The old warrior helps him rescue SG-1 from Hathor.
Maternal Instinct - After Apophis attacks Chulak, Bra'tac helps SG-1 find the Harcesis child, and considers ending his struggle against the false gods and moving on to the next life.
Threshold - Bra'tac performs the Rite of Malshuraan, helping Teal'c to rediscover who he is and breaking Apophis's mind control.
The Warrior - Bra'tac and Teal'c join a group of rebel Jaffa under Kytano, a charismatic leader who turns out to be a manipulating Goa'uld.
Redemption, Part 1 - Bra'tac must inform Teal'c of his wife's death, and consoles Teal'c when he finds that his son Rya'c blames him for her death.
Redemption, Part 2 - Teal'c, Rya'c and Bra'tac succeed in destroying Anubis's advanced weapon, allowing Earth to resume its Stargate program.
Allegiance - Bra'tac must help SG-1 keep the rebel Jaffa at peace with a group of Tok'ra refugees at the SGC alpha site -- but an attack by an invisible enemy leads everyone to believe for a time that Bra'tac has been killed.
The Changeling - Teal'c uses his larval symbiote to keep both himself and Bra'tac alive for three days after the Goa'uld wipe out the rebel Jaffa. They both survive, but must take the symbiote-derivative tretonin to replace a symbiote.
Orpheus - Captured on the Jaffa prison world of Erebus along with Rya'c, Bra'tac fights to stay alive when his supply of tretonin wanes.
Evolution, Part 1 - Bra'tac and Teal'c are attacked by one of Anubis's super-soldiers, and manage to return the creature to the S.G.C. for study.
Evolution, Part 2 - Bra'tac flies a cargo ship to serve as a means of escape from Tartarus after Sam, Teal'c and Jacob sabotage Anubis's super-soldier facility.
Lost City, Part 1 - Bra'tac arrives on Earth to warn them that Anubis will arrive with an invasion force in less than three days.
Lost City, Part 2 - Bra'tac and SG-1 travel to Proclarush to find Ancient technology. After barely surviving an encounter with the duplicitous Jaffa Ronan, he returns to Earth with SG-1 and witnesses the power of the Ancient super-weapon.
Sacrifices - Bra'tac conducts Rya'c's marriage to Kar'yn in the gate room at Stargate Command after the planet Hak'tyl is compromised.
Stronghold - Bra'tac suspects that the Jaffa High Council is being manipulated, and discovers that Baal is attempting to subdue them.
Talion - A terrorist attack on a Jaffa summit being held on Dar Eshkalon leaves Bra'tac seriously injured, and he is placed in the care of Dr. Lam at the S.G.C.