Breath of Hathor

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A microscopic airborne organism delivered through the breath of the Goa'uld queen Hathor, making men intoxicated with her presence. It is transmitted by proximity to her when she "blows" them a kiss. The organism literally puts men at her mercy. It is ineffective on women or Jaffa.

Once Hathor is out of range, the organism becomes dormant and the victim becomes immune, preventing him from being a future target.


Hathor - Hathor uses the intoxicating organism within her body to make all males at the S.G.C., minus the Jaffa Teal'c, beckon to her will.
Out of Mind - Hathor tells SG-1 they are no longer suceptible to her organism.
Seth - Jacob Carter tells SG-1 that the mind-control organism nish'ta is similar to the breath of Hathor, but more powerful and encompassing.