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A young barkeep on Zaddik's planet. Callup lived in a village near to where the Daimos (a native Wraith) resided, a 100 square-mile wilderness. He was surprised to have the presence of Colonel Sheppard's team, visitors from beyond the mountains in his bar, and encouraged them to stay despite Goran's suggestion that they move along.

Callup told of the Daimos, and when he learned that the travelers were going to slay the creature for the town he placed their drinks, and likely food, on the house. He later took part in the lynch mob that went out to slay the creature themselves after at least one further death to the Daimos, and the team's expediency in destroying the beast, was unacceptable.


PLAYED BY - Tom Bates


Instinct - Callup welcomes travelers from beyond the mountains and soon offers up his drinks free of charge when he learns they will do what they can to rid the people of the creature.