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Past home of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table. In this village King Arthur's followers continue to train for the day of his return, heralded by successful removal of the sword from the stone. Their leader is Meurik. The village also houses Merlin's library, a storehouse of secrets left behind by the Ancient Merlin.

Like many cultures, it was originally considered taboo for women to join Arthur's army, but the young Valencia successfully removed the sword from its stone -- giving it to Cameron Mitchell -- destroying the Black Knight that had recently plagued the village.

By removing the sword, she ushered in a new age where the villagers would wait for the return of Arthur, which was prophesied after a servant of Arthur took the sword from the stone.


Camelot - SG-1 visits the village of Camelot, hoping to locate the anti-Ori weapon.
Insiders - General Landry reports that Dr. Jackson has returned to Camelot to try and find more information on the Sangraal from Merlin's library.