Carl Strom

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Executive in charge of the International Oversight Advisory. Strom works closely with the offices of Homeworld Command at the Pentagon to oversee all branches of Earth's Stargate program.

Through Strom passed over Camille Wray for promotion four times, he has insisted that he would not have placed her in the human resources role at Icarus Base if he did not trust her.

Strom has fully supported all attempts to bring the crew of the Destiny back to Earth and reinstate the group who was intended to go to the ship. But he appears more invested in acquiring the vessel than saving lives.

Strom was present for the debrief of Colonel Everett Young following the failed attempt to activate the Destiny Stargate from inside a star. He and the other members of the Homeworld Command staff realized that, whether they like it or not, Young is now calling the shots on the ship millions of light years away.


PLAYED BY - Carlo Rota


Earth - Strom reinforces his faith in Camille Wray, despite passing her up for promotion numerous times.
Life - When Camille visits Earth again with the communication stones, Strom corners her and suggests that she should make her own play for control of Destiny.