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Administrator of the inhabitants of P3R-118. He claimed his decisions were the ones that prevented the above city from having no crime or poverty. Below, he kept countless workers from realizing that an upper dome existed, believing they themselves were fighting for their sole survival. Caulder attempted negotiations with SG-1 until Jack O'Neill realized the truth of the two groups of people and attempted to stop the administrator. Consequently, SG-1 was memory stamped and forced to be integrated into the population beneath.

When O'Neill realized his true memory had been suppressed he captured Caulder and showed him to the workers below. Caulder tried to fake his identity, but after O'Neill blue the ice-covered skylight to show a beautiful city above, the administrator was instructed to try his own hand at labor for a time.


PLAYED BY - Laurie Murdoch
FIRST APPEARED - Beneath the Surface


Beneath the Surface - Administrator Caulder controls the lives of two distinct populations until the arrival of SG-1 shows that there is another way.