People of P3R-118

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A city of technologically advanced humans who have suppressed an entire population beneath their feet into doing their bidding by powering and maintaining the city above without their knowledge. They are ruled by Minister Caulder, who maintains the façade through an emissary, Brenna.

Little is known of the people as a whole. They survive within an enormous Bio-dome, where the world beyond is nothing but ice and snow. They possess modes of transportation and, from what appears of the city, live in a wealth of luxury.

However, following Jack O'Neill's return to his true memory (after a failed memory stamp), he turned the tables and showed the people below of the city above, forcing Caulder's people to pay for their ill treatment of the others of their kind beneath the surface and take responsibility for their inaction.


FIRST APPEARED - Beneath the Surface


Beneath the Surface - Caulder's people face a precipice of fending for themselves once O'Neill unveils the truth of the world above to the slaves beneath.