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One of the last surviving Athosian elders who survived the final Wraith culling of Athos before the people evacuated to Lantea. When Teyla Emmagan was a child she would paint her beautiful pictures while singing the songs of the Ancients. She is known for her tuttle root soup.

Charin was also the only surviving Athosian who was aware of the taken, a group of Athosians her grandfather once spoke of who were genetically altered and returned following cullings. She finally shared the story with Teyla, who pressed her for information about her own genetic history. Tagan asked Charin to never Tell Teyla that she is among the few descendants of the taken, giving her the gifts of sensing the Wraith.

Charin died a year and a half after the Athosians relocated to Lantea (having denied Earth medicine to extend her life), and was honored by Teyla in a Ring Ceremony.


PLAYED BY - Brenda McDonald


The Gift - Seeking answers about her genetic past, Teyla visits Charin on Lantea's Athosian mainland.
Critical Mass - Charin turns down Dr. Beckett's offer for a pacemaker and dies. Her last wish to have the Ring Ceremony is granted by Teyla, who honors her in the City of the Ancestors.