Charlie (I)

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A human boy, genetically engineered by Reetou, designed to be an intermediary between the Reetou and humans. Charlie's body was quickly grown to meet the needs of the situation he was placed in – an immediate and swift communiqué with Earth's people, warning them of the Reetou threat. As a result, many of his internal organs were haphazard and designed to only last him the required duration to complete his mission.

Charlie was engineered on Retalia, and was designed to be able to sense Reetou, interpret their language and convey it to humans. He was instructed that Jack O'Neill was the only truly honorable member of the S.G.C. (After "Mother" witnessed the soldier stay true from breaking the requests of the Salish) Charlie chose his name from Jack's dead son. After a bit of convincing, it was clear the boy's mission was legitimate.

Charlie successfully issued his warning to the S.G.C., plus the location of where to find the rebels, and after his mother died at the hands of a Reetou rebel, O'Neill had him sent with the Tok'ra where he could be blended with a symbiote to maintain his body and aid in his development.


PLAYED BY - Jeff Gulka
FIRST APPEARED - Show and Tell


Show and Tell - Charlie arrives on Earth to warn the Tau'ri of the threat of the Reetou rebel faction.