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Resident of P4S-237 and closet loyalist to the System Lord Baal and his under lord, Mot. When he discovered Ellori, the leader of the village, was planning on pulling a surprise attack on Lord Mot when he arrived, he found a hiding place and used a hand-held Goa'uld long-range communication device to warn Mot to come a day earlier.

Mot imprisoned SG-1 and SG-15, until the team escaped with help from Natania. Thinking he was helping, Chazen sounded the alarm, giving the S.G. teams time to set up a defensive perimeter around the Stargate. Mot, displeased by this act, used a Hand device on Chazen until Natania took a Tau'ri handgun and killed the under lord, saving the traitor from certain death.


PLAYED BY - Tom Scholte


Prophecy - Chazen, realizing Ellori and the S.G. teams are about to ambush Lord Mot when he arrives, retreats to warn the Goa'uld of the surprise.