Creek Mountain

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A military installation in Colorado, home to the Stargate program during its preliminary research phase prior to the inception of Stargate Command. Dr. Catherine Langford supervised a team of scientists at the facility, which was under the command of General W.O. West. It was here that the Stargate was first activated after Daniel Jackson deciphered the address to the planet Abydos.

As the Stargate was located in a similar military complex when General George Hammond was in command, it is supposed that the gate was transferred from Creek Mountain to Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado.

Creek Mountain may also have been the Stargate's location during the research in the 1940s under Catherine's father, when the gate was successfully dialed to Heliopolis. The device and the program, however, were mothballed for several decades following that incident.


"Stargate" the Movie - Daniel Jackson joins a research team inside the Creek Mountain military installation, where he first encounters the Stargate.