Dale Volker

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Astrophysicist assigned to Icarus Base, now aboard the Ancient exploratory vessel Destiny. Volker was likely selected by Dr. Nicholas Rush to help with the Icarus Project (though now on the ship Rush doesn't seem to think very highly of his skills). When Icarus planet came under fire by unknown foes, Volker and the rest of the Icarus team used the Stargate to escape.

Now aboard Destiny, he struggles to find a place among the team of scientists and officers struggling for survival. Volker has bonded particularly with fellow scientist Adam Brody, as well as MSgt. Ronald Greer -- who saved Dale's life when he volunteered to donate a kidney for a dangerous transplant surgery on board the ship.


PLAYED BY: Patrick Gilmore


Air, Part 1 - Volker and the rest of the Icarus team evacuate to the Destiny following a devastating attack.
Darkness - Volker is assigned to help Dr. Rush with the Destiny's power problem, but Rush angrily kicks him out.
Light - When he is not chosen for a seat on the escaping shuttle, Volker decides to spend his final hours playing poker with several crew members.
Pain - Infected with an alien tick, the claustrophobic Volker hallucinates being trapped in a room and waking up inside a coffin.
Hope - Volker faces his own mortality when he must undergo a dangerous kidney transplant to save his life.