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Name given by settlers to a planet discovered by the Destiny crew several weeks into their arrival on the ship. The planet has a nearly untouched wilderness ripe with food, water, and clean air, which convinced several members of the crew to stay behind permanently.

Even more remarkable than the planet's abundance of natural resources is its connection to a highly advanced alien species. Not only the planet but its star and its entire solar system was engineered by some heretofore unseen race. The only marker they left on the planet was a tall obelisk, placed in a lush valley. It is not known why they created the planet, or if they will ever return (or perhaps never left).

Those who stayed behind, however, including Dr. Robert Caine, believed that the aliens might one day help them get home to Earth. Caine in particular had a distinctly spiritual relationship with the aliens, believing that faith and trust are what they need.

After she was shot T.J. Johansen woke up in Caine's house back on the planet. Caine told her that the aliens provided a half dozen homes in the valley to help them survive the winter, and that they knew they were there from the moment they set foot on the planet. In fact T.J.'s experience was a dream. The crew later miraculously returned to Destiny, having been reanimated by the aliens after they died of exposure on the planet when winter hit.


HOME TO - Unknown


Faith - After Destiny crew members spend some four weeks on the planet, some decide to stay behind permanently.
Intervention - T.J. finds herself back on the planet with Caine and the others, who tell her the aliens brought her and her baby there so that the child would survive and be taken care of.
Visitation The aliens reanimate those who had settled on the planet, returning them to Destiny.