Eldred's people

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A primitive settlement of humans who live under the authority and rule of the Lord Protector, who resides in the central spire of a mostly-buried Ancient city ship nearby. The average villager is forbidden from approaching too close to the tower, for only royalty (or those who serve it) is allowed inside.

In exchange for continued protection from Wraith attacks and cullings, the people are required by law to turn over one half of their crop yields to the overseers, who consume it greedily inside the tower.

The balance of power was altered when Rodney McKay, in the catacombs under the ground, activated the city's star drive and drained the power from the Zero Point Module, ending the Lord Protector's ability to use the throne chair or launch Ancient drone weapons to subdue the citizens.


HOMEWORLD - Eldred's planet


The Tower - Sheppard's team visits a primitive people who fall under the rule of royals who live in an Ancient spire, protecting the planet and assaulting their subjects when it suits them.