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Aeronautics firm located in Bathesda, Maryland, at one time under the control of the former Goa'uld System Lord Baal. The Department of Defense is their biggest client.

Farrow-Marshall had a plant that employed 800 residents in Edison, Virginia, approximately the same time Baal arrived on Earth. The company likely had connections with the Trust, which made them easily accessible to the Goa'uld who had taken the last surviving members of the Trust as hosts.

When Baal arrived on Earth he claimed the minor Goa'uld's spoils as his own, absorbed their wealth and resources and began paving the way for his own corporate consolidation of other companies.

Approximately six months into his control of the company Baal acquired Hammel Technologies for Farrow-Marshall. Through the Goa'uld, the company has had dealings with Alaraph Pharmecuticals, Far East Merchantile and Procyon Media Enterprises. Farrow-Marshall likely has ties to the Halcyon Tower as well.


Ex Deus Machina - Dr. Jackson digs up evidence that a dead Jaffa was found less than two miles from the closed Farrow-Marshall plant in Edison, Virginia. This eventually leads them to Baal.