Gamma Site

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Research outpost established on a planet 24,000 light years from Earth, under the command of Colonel Pearson. Primarily a remote scientific research center, the Gamma Site includes laboratories for several fields including biology, botany, entomology and physics. More than 30 scientists are conducting research at any given time.

The first Gamma Site was selected for the planet's unique radioactive ionosphere. The blanket of radiation makes locking on to surface targets difficult. Consequently, any life signs appear scattered.

When R75 insects broke containment, the visiting delegation from the International Oversight Advisory was evacuated by SG-1, but it is likely all members of the facility were killed (or eaten) during or before the activation of the auto-destruct.


The Scourge - SG-1 accompanies ambassadors of the I.O.A. to inspect the Gamma Site for their organization, but are forced to evacuate when the base is overwhelmed by voracious, carnivorous bugs.