Ganos Lal

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Morgan Le Fay's name in Ancient. When SG-1 encountered the ascended Morgan pretending to be a hologram inside Atlantis, she claimed that her projected image was based on Ganos Lal -- before she was found out.

It is possible that, like her counterpart Merlin, long ago Morgan herself was a Lantean woman who was one of the last residents of Atlantis before their return to Earth, after the first siege of the city in the distant Pegasus Galaxy.

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The Pegasus Project - An ascended Morgan Le Fay, pretending to be a hologram, explains to Dr. Weir that she was created by Ganos Lal in her image.
The Quest, Part 2 - Daniel uses Morgan Le Fay's Ancient name as a password to deactivate the image of a dragon guarding the Sangraal.