Genii homeworld

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Planet in the Pegasus Galaxy, home to the Genii. Before the great awakening of the Wraith, there was a gap of decades between cullings. The Genii have used this precious time to develop their nuclear technology in concealed bunkers beneath the planet surface.

It is here where the bunkers prevent numerous frequencies, including radio, from escaping. But the bunkers do not prevent the emissions of generators, which power their vast underground network, from escaping. If a culling is predicted before the Wraith achieve orbit, these generators can be deactivated in time before the Wraith can detect them, only putting the people on the surface at risk.

The Genii Stargate is a short walk from their surface village.


HOME TO: Genii


Underground- With the food shortage growing into a concern, Teyla recommends she commence negotiations between Atlantis and the Genii on the Genii homeworld.
The Storm- On the Genii homeworld, Cowen orders Commander Kolya to invade Atlantis.