George Hammond (ship)

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Daedalus-class deep space carrier, the sixth in the BC-304 series to be constructed. The commanding officer is Colonel Samantha Carter. The ship is named for the late General George Hammond, first commander of the S.G.C., who died of a heart attack. (Prior to his sudden death, the vessel was slated to be christened the Phoenix.)

Early in its career the Hammond was assigned to the Icarus Project, ferrying passengers to the Icarus planet to witness the connection of the ninth chevron. When the planet came under surprise attack by the Lucian Alliance, the Hammond engaged the enemy in battle in order to protect the people on the planet below.

In the course of the fight the Hammond evacuated everyone from the surface who were not shielded inside the base, and managed to escape the blast wave of the planet when the attack caused the core to destabilize and explode.


USED BY: Humans


The Last Man - An aged Rodney McKay recalls an alternate timeline in which Colonel Carter commanded the Phoenix into a losing battle with the Wraith. In our timeline the ship would be renamed and have a different fate.
Enemy At the Gate - Samantha Carter informs John Sheppard that the next Daedalus-class vessel, originally named Phoenix, has been re-designated in honor of the late General.
Air, Part 1 - The George Hammond holds back several Goa'uld motherships, giving the Icarus team time to escape through the Stargate.
Incursion, Part 1 - The crew of the Hammond try to rescue Dr. Rush and stop the Lucian Alliance from gating to Destiny, but arrives too late and narrowly escapes the explosion of the Icarus-type planet.