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Member of the Lucian Alliance, a criminal organization based in the Milky Way Galaxy. Ginn was on the team that infiltrated the Ancient ship Destiny under the command of Kiva. Ginn was a somewhat reluctant member of the Alliance, claiming that two years earlier she was taken at gunpoint by a gang who threatened to kill her family if she didn't join them. She considers them warlords who burn farms, oppress villages, and indoctrinate children to their ways.

Ginn is one of the Alliance's more gifted computer systems experts, quickly getting up to speed on how to access Destiny's systems. But she was threatened by Dannic for her inability to give him the control he wanted, and eventually shot him dead when it became clear that he was insane, and was willing to die -- and take everyone else with him -- rather than acquiesce to Nicholas Rush's demands to surrender.

After the failed attempt to gain control of the ship, Ginn remained on board as one of the Lucian survivors. When most of them were left behind on a planet, Ginn was kept on board because Earth officials thought she might prove useful to the crew in the future. She worked closely with Eli Wallace, and the two struck up a romance. But Ginn was eventually targeted by a fellow Alliance survivor, Simeon, when he learned that she was sharing intelligence with Earth via the communication stones.

Ginn was believed to be dead for many weeks, only to have her consciousness turn up in Chloe's body after she used the stones. Eli and Rush managed to download her consciousness into the ship's computer, where she now exists as a program capable of manifesting herself to people on the ship -- but not able to touch them. She lives in hope of one day being put into a body of flesh and blood once again, though her program has now been isolated from the rest of Destiny.


PLAYED BY: Julie McNiven
FIRST APPEARED: Intervention


Intervention - Ginn is attacked by Dannic when she fails to access Destiny's controls, and eventually shoots him dead, ending the stand-off with Rush.
Aftermath - Ginn is interviewed by Camille, telling her of her oppressed history with the Lucian Alliance.
Awakening - When she learns that Destiny has docked with an Ancient seed ship, Ginn tells Colonel Young that she can be of help in studying the ship -- but is quickly shut down.
Trial and Error - Ginn is released to work with Eli, and despite his awkwardness the two hit it off romantically.
The Greater Good - Ginn and Eli grow closer, but she is threatened by a suspicious Simeon when she uses the stones to go to Earth and offer intel on the Lucian Alliance.
Malice - Ginn is murdered in her quarters by Simeon to prevent her from talking to Homeworld Command -- while she is still connected to Dr. Amanda Perry's body.
Hope - Ginn's consciousness turns up in Chloe's body thanks to the communication stones, and is downloaded into Destiny's computer.
Seizure - After Amanda Perry's downloaded self causes problems on the ship (and blames Ginn), both woman are isolated from the rest of Destiny.