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A powerful Goa'uld System Lord, Heru'ur is the offspring of Ra and Hathor. Until his death at the hands of Apophis the cunning and self-righteous Heru'ur commanded one of the Goa'uld's largest fleets. He is known also as Horus the Elder, and his Jaffa guards are called "Horus guards" (beaked creatures like those who once served his father, Ra.

Like Apophis, Heru'ur possessed a personal defense shield. It protected him from bullets and energy weapons, but is vulnerable to slower-moving weapons. He once tried to conquer the Asgard-protected world Cimmeria, but lost his attack force (and barely escaped through the Stargate himself) when the Asgard Thor arrived in force.

Heru'ur was a bitter enemy of Apophis, and was blamed by SG-1 for stealing the child of Apophis and Sha're -- which he actually tried to do, but failed. When he and Apophis met in the Tobin System to negotiate an alliance between their two great armies, SG-1 and the Tok'ra sabotaged the meeting to try and start a war that would decimate both sides. Instead, Apophis destroyed Heru'ur's mothership on the spot, and absorbed his huge fleet into Apophis's own.


Just a few episodes before he played Heru'ur, actor Douglas Arthurs had played the Jaffa Kah'l, a servant of Apophis, in the Season Two premiere "The Serpent's Lair."


PLAYED BY - Douglas H. Arthurs
FIRST APPEARED - Thor's Chariot


Thor's Chariot - Heru'ur occupies the planet Cimmeria after SG-1 destroys the Asgard device protecting it. But when the Asgard arrive, Heru'ur narrowly escapes through the Stargate.
Secrets - Heru'ur arrives on Abydos to try and abduct Apophis's queen and child, only to be thwarted by SG-1.
The Serpent's Venom - Heru'ur negotiates an alliance with Apophis, but sabotage by SG-1 and the Tok'ra leads to his destruction. Apophis assimilates Heru'ur's massive fleet into his own.