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A Goa'uld term meaning "advanced human." The term is constructed of two Goa'uld words: "hok," meaning advanced, and a slang of "Tau'ri," meaning human. Hok'taur are generally understood to be human beings with extra-sensory abilities, from telepathy to telekinesis.


Rite of Passage - SG-1 returns to the planet Hanka, and learns that Nirrti was experimenting with the population in an attempt to create an advanced human to be her new host.
Metamorphosis - SG-1 finds that Nirrti has been experimenting on the population of another planet using a genetic mutator created by the Ancients -- which has allowed her to bring out advanced abilities in her victims, but at a terrible price.
Prophecy - Sam and Jonas speculate that Nirrti may have done something to Jonas, as part of her efforts to create a hok'taur.
Tao of Rodney - Exposure to an Ancient device leaves Rodney with hok'taur abilities, including telekinesis and super intelligence.