Horus guard

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Jaffa in the service of Ra's family. The Horus guards, represented by bird heads with sharp beaks, could be identified with elaborate headpieces, rotating necks and side armor and lighting of the eyes meant to instill a fear in the slaves of Ra. They were armed with staff weapons.

The Horus guards were lead by Horus as well as Anubis, Ra's First Prime who took on the helmet of the jackal and the ancient, feared name of the Goa'uld Anubis.


"Stargate" the Movie - Earth's first exposure to Jaffa are Ra's Horus guards who successfully wipe out a number of the first team.
Out of Mind - SG-1 discovers Horus guards paired with Serpent guards in defense of Hathor's fortress.
Secrets Horus guards of Heru'ur try to intercept Amonet and her infant child on Abydos.
Forever In a Day - Horus guards defend Amonet as she goes up against her host's former husband, Daniel Jackson.
Moebius, Part 1 - Teal'c puts on the suit of a Horus guard to freely roam Ra's palace in Ancient Egypt.