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U.S. television news network that airs such programs as Inside Access with host Julia Donovan. The network received the first exclusive look at what appeared to be an alien lifeform (though Colonel Samantha Carter played it as though it were an Air Force hologram).

IWN later investigated the pandemic that struck the United States, and eventually several other countries. The cover story being a new strain of influenza, Lieutenant Fischer left Stargate Command and inadvertently infected many with a Prior plague.

IWN reports the latest and breaking news every hour on the hour. A producer for the network was Al Martell.


Covenant - Colonel Carter agrees to display the Air Force's latest developments in holographic technology on Inside Access.
Ex Deus Machina - Julia Donovan reports the unusual destruction of the Halcyon Tower on IWN.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 1 - General Landry monitors the status of the outbreak on IWN.
The Fourth Horseman, Part 2 - IWN continues to report on the progress, and the ultimate demise, of the nameless Prior plague.