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Basic elements upon which all Replicator technology is based. Kiron pathways are the fundamental components which bind together Replicator blocks, to assemble Replicators in what ever form they require. According to Asgard research, a single Replicator block contains 2 million isolated kiron pathways in its interior.

Kiron pathways also comprise the makeup of a humanoid Replicator, binding together the nanites that make up the Replicator's body.

In both cases, the pathways can be broken down using Replicator disruptor technology devised by the Ancients. These devices use a unique form of energy modulated to the kirons' frequency, disrupting the connections between blocks or nanites and rendering each individual cell inert.


Small Victories - Thor explains the principle of kirons to Major Carter.
Gemini - A Replicator duplicate of Samantha Carter volunteers to help her modulate the disruptor weapon to make it effective on Fifth's fleet.