Replicator disruptor

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Device designed with information obtained from the Ancient repository of knowledge, capable of rendering all Replicator elements inert by disrupting the kiron pathways that bind together either the blocks or nanites that compose each Replicator. Originally developed by the Ancients and pulled from the mind of Jack O'Neill, the device is equally capable of disabling both the mechanical and humanoid Replicator varieties.

The design for the handheld version of the device was used to develop an on-board version for Asgard ships. Supreme Commander Thor's science vessel Daniel Jackson fired a prototype of the larger disruptor onto Orilla, destroying all Replicators that had remained.

The Asgard subsequently constructed a disruptor satellite, capable of emmitting the energy wave as a defense mechanism in orbit of a planet. This device was deployed above Earth's off-world Alpha Site base.


New Order, Part 2 - O'Neill completes construction of a Replicator disruptor before the knowledge of the Ancients is wiped from his mind.
Gemini - Replicator Carter arrives at Earth's Alpha Site with the secret intention of studying the Replicator disruptor with the express intent of protecting herself from it.